Participant Collaboration

2. Forums

Forums allow for online announcements and discussions. They exist at both the course level and site wide.



Add a Forum 

Select the Forum from the Activity Chooser.

Add a "Forum Name" and "Description"

Note: Subscription and Tracking
By clicking the arrow next to "Subscription and Tracking" you will have the option to force these items or allow students to turn them on and off. By Default these are both set to optional.
Your Choices are:

  • Optional Subscription - Student has the choice to subscribe
  • Forced Subscription - Everyone is subscribed and cannot unsubscribe
  • Auto Subscription - Everyone is subscribed but can choose to unsubscribe
  • Subscription disabled - Subscriptions are not allowed
Tracking is the ability to see new posts as highlighted- This has 2 settings optional, which allows students to choose to use this option or off.

Grading Forums

Under "Ratings," choose an Aggregate type. This is how your grades are computed.  For more information on aggregate types see the entry on gradebook.  For the purposes of this topic we will select "Sum of Ratings."  

Under Scale Change the Type to "Point" if you are giving the forum a point type grade or "Scale" if grading as a pass/fail.

If you are using "Scale," select "Check, Uncheck" in the next dropdown.

If you are using "Points," give the Maximum Grade total, ie 15 points

When you are done click either "Save and return to course" or "Save and display" 

Click here to visit Moodle's official documentation on this topic.