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Video (click on the green rectangle icon in the lower right hand corner to view in Full screen):

To add an assignment to a specific week first you must turn editing on. From the course main page click on the button in the top right corner and select "Turn Editing On"

To add an assignment, locate the week in which you would like to present the assignment - not the week in which it is due. With editing turned on, locate the 'Add an activity or resource' option. This will be located at the bottom of the topic or week section you are looking to add the assignment to.

Then click on 'Assignment' from the pop-up under ALL or ACTIVITIES.

Provide a name and description. You can also set dates to allow submissions, the due date and if you want to set a cut-off off date for late submissions.  There is even a place to send yourself a reminder to grade them.

Scrolling down the assignment setting pages will find some additional setting you may want to consider. 

Submission Types:

Will allow you to dictate whether submissions should be a file submission (i.e. a Word document) or if they can enter text in the assignment area or both.

Note: unchecking both will create an assignment, add it to your gradebook and list the assignment in the students dashboard, but will give no prompt for an upload or text. This is useful for in class assignments.

If allowing online text you can set a word limit.

If you are asking for an assignment that will include multiple files, you will need to increase the "Maximun number of uploaded file" field

Group Submission Settings

If enabled you can set up assignments for a group submission.

Feedback Types

Check "Feedback Comments" to have a general comment option when grading.

"Annotate PDF" is checked by default and Will convert Microsoft Word documents and Google Docs to a PDF and allow you to make inline comments and notations from within the Moodle grading screen. please note legacy assignments (those created prior to July 19, 2018) and assignments imported from legacy assignments may need the settings re-saved to make this work.

Check "Feedback Files" to have the option to upload grading documents such as a grading rubric or if you downloaded the assignment to annotate and want to re-upload for the student.


The grade section will allow you to chose a type of grade 

Grade types:

  • Point: allows you to set the maximum point value for the assignment.
  • Scale: allows you to choose options like "Pass, Fail"

Grade category:

If you have set-up your gradebook with grade categories (i.e. assignments, quizzes, discussions....) you will be able to choose those categories here and the assignment will show up under that category in your gradebook.

Note as you are working through these settings you will notice a question mark iconnext to all the settings. By clicking on this icon you will be given information on that particular setting.

Feel free to contact the helpdesk if you have questions about the settings on any activity or assignment

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