How do I request to add a student to my course

How to add students to academic courses:

After they are registered for the course through the Registrar and the data put in J1, our automated process runs throughout the day to check for new registrations. However, if a student does not show up in the course within a few days of registration, please submit a ticket to the Helpdesk by emailing or submitting a ticket here. Please provide the course code and the student's name with your request.

Why can't I add the student to the course?

Since Moodle 3.11, manually adding participants to a course is no longer available due to changes in the automated enrollment management system that are not able to accommodate manual enrollments without causing problems.  To avoid this situation, the Helpdesk must be involved in managing manual enrollments.

Why do students need to be enrolled?

Participants in academic courses must be enrolled in the course through the Registrar or the participant will not get credit for the course on their transcript.  All students enrolled in courses in J1 are automatically enrolled in the same courses in Moodle.  Likewise, when students are no longer enrolled in J1, their enrollments are removed in Moodle.  Exceptions to this automated process must now be managed by the Helpdesk to avoid problems with these enrollments.

How do I check if a student is enrolled in J1?

  1. Go to and log in. 

  2. Under the "Academics" tab, select "Faculty" from the left sidebar. 

  3. Find the class the student should be enrolled in from your course list

  4. Under the third column "Go Directly To", select "Class List" from the dropdown

If the student is not listed there or has the status "Reserved" please contact the Registrar as their information either has not yet been entered in J1, or there is a hold on the student's account. If, however, they are listed as enrolled in J1 but do not show up in the Moodle course within a few days of registration, contact the Helpdesk to ensure that Moodle enrollments are properly updated.

How to add students to department or other non-academic courses:

You can now request that students be added to department courses automatically based on certain criteria. For example: All students majoring in Computer Science need to be in my department or non-academic course. To do this, your course needs a course code. Please email the Registrar to have them set up a new shell course in J1 and Helpdesk will assist you in moving the content over from the previous course to the new one. If the participation in your course does not follow a specific pattern, contact the Helpdesk for more solutions.