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UPDATE: Turnitin working again

by Information Systems Helpdesk -

We have been working with Moodle and Turnitin support.  Assignments seem to be working again for the most part and students have been able to submit papers.  Please contact helpdesk@emu.edu if you still have trouble.  Thanks!

Turnitin not working

by Information Systems Helpdesk -

This issue has been reported and support is beginning to start work on fixing things.  We will post an update here as soon as we know more.  Sorry for the trouble.

UPDATE: Submitting to, creating, and editing an assignment in Turnitin is still not working as of Monday morning, Nov. 22nd.  We are still working with support to get things fixed.  We apologize for the trouble and will post another update as soon as things are working again!

Moodle manual enrollments update

by Information Systems Helpdesk -

Faculty, we have modified access such that anyone with a Teacher role can no longer add people manually to their course.  This was done to prevent issues with the new SIS enrollment plug-in that is being used to bring in any Registrar data to Moodle automatically.  All academic enrollments should be processed by the automated system and if you need a manual enrollment outside of this please just e-mail helpdesk@emu.edu and let us know.  Thanks!

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