Topic outline

  • Introduction to Moodle 4.0

    Welcome to Moodle FAQs!

    Moodle has been updated from version 3 to version 4 which has added a new friendlier user interface. While the navigation has changed, the overall function of the content has remained the same. 

    Rather than v3's layout requiring users to memorize where every specific setting is located, v4 has granted us a much more intuitive layout of headers and dropdown menus. 

    Please see the course Moodle Orientation for Instructors for an interactive training on how to use Moodle as an Instructor


    As you read through the FAQ's there will be references to certain features of the new Moodle navigation. Here are the top ones to know:

    Primary Header  

    The Primary Header refers to the line of buttons next to the EMU moodle visual. These host the most used items in Moodle to navigate the overarching platform with a dropdown of resources such as the Writing Program, ASC Tutoring, and Library & Research Assistance. This is essentially what was in the Navigation Drawer on the left hand side in Moodle 3.

    Secondary Header

    The Secondary Header refers to the line of buttons inside a course. Here the navigation has changed to be more intuitive.

    Course Index

    The course index is now what appears on the left-hand side of a course page. This is similar to the table of contents that you would see in a course with the Collapsible Topics Format in Moodle 3. Note: The standard Topics Format is now collapsible with Expand/Collapse all features!

  • Basic Navigation

  • Instructor Toolbox

  • Course Administration

      1. Editing course settings
      2. Item edit tools
      3. Course visibility
      4. Gradebook visibility
      5. Blocks
      6. Importing content
      7. Resetting a course
      1. Student groups
      2. Student course registration
      3. Adding participants to courses
      4. Change the role of a participant
      5. Self enrollment
      6. Enroll students in a Meta-Course
      7. Communication

  • Course Activities & Resources - Students

  • Course Activities & Resources- Teachers

  • Gradebook

  • Zoom

    For EMU specific questions, see our knowledge base on video conferencing.

    For other questions, see Zoom's documentation.

  • Panopto (Course Video Storage and Management)

      1. Recording with Panopto
      2. Recording with Zoom
      3. Editing a video
      4. Copying and Moving Videos
      5. Table of Contents
      6. Permissions
      7. Embedding Videos