EMU will upload your ID Photo to Moodle, however online students may not have that option.  You can upload a profile photo through your profile page.  If you are an online student this photo will be used for your ID photos.  

Photos need to follow the following requirements:
  1. No Helpdesk ID photo already present (If you need yours updated, please come to the Helpdesk to take a new photo)
  2. Face and head completely visible (no sunglasses, no face masks, subject looking at the camera head-on, etc.)
  3. No hats (unless religious garb or accessibility item)
  4. Subject of photo must be the Moodle account holder
  5. Only one person in the photo
  6. Clear quality
  7. Good lighting
  8. Appropriate setting
  9. .jpg or .png file type
  10. Not small or too large (no thumbnail image, subject too far from the camera, ample space on the side of the head to crop into a square)

Example Photo:
A headshot of a woman looking at the camera. The woman is positioned between a head-on and three-quarters view. Her face and head are clearly visible without sunglasses or a hat. She appears to be outdoors and trees and foliage are visible in the background.

Photos will be reviewed by EMU before going live.

Photos will be giving priority:

  1. Marketing Photo
  2. Helpdesk ID Photo
  3. User Uploaded Photo

Last modified: Tuesday, June 28, 2022, 4:22 PM