How do I log in?

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Introduction to Moodle:[edit]

Moodle is an online learning platform, that you will use throughout your time at EMU. Through moodle you will be able to keep track of assignments, take quizzes, join class discussions, communicate with your professors and fellow classmates, and more.

This comprehensive tool has many options and you will see quite a few menu items and links depending on the page you are on. These FAQs are designed to help you with areas you may be unfamiliar with.

Logging in:[edit]

Moodle Sign-in page

Username: This is your Royals user name. i.e. abc1234

Password: Royals password you set up on

Cannot remember your password?:

Click either "Lost Password?" link (on the welcome screen) and follow the instructions.

If you still have trouble, please contact the Helpdesk ( or 540-432-4357).

Moodle Home[edit]

Moodle Home page

Once you log into moodle you will see a similar page as shown above.

Left Hand Main Menu: This basic menu will allow you to easily find your classes, Calendar and an moodle dashboard. You may notice once you enter a class this menu will drop below the class menu on the left, but will still be available to click between classes or take you back to your main dashboard.

Menu Icon:Just above the main menu is the Menu Icon sometimes referred to as the hamburger icon. This will hide the left hand Menu Bar extending the main page content. By default the menu is visible, but can be toggled hidden or visible with the menu icon.

Right Hand Menu Blocks: As you navigate through moodle you will encounter these blocks. These blocks will give you access to various communication tools or allow your instructor to add some customization to the course.

Account and Notification:The top right hand menu bar will show you any notifications you may have, message notifications, and give you access to update your profile and upload a profile photo.

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