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How do I make changes to a course?

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Before you can make any changes to a course, you must enable editing.  

First click the gear icon on the top right hand corner of your course page

Gear Icon

Then select "Turn editing on"

Turn editing on

Once you turn editing on you will have many options below you will see a topic with editing on:

Edit Topic

  • Clicking and holding the cross hairs next to the title name will allow you to move that item within the course page.
  • Clicking edit will let you edit the topic, add a description and graphics to the topic
  • Clicking "Add an activity or resource" will give you a menu of activities to add to your course"

The activity chooser

Alternatively, certain resources and activities may be added using drag and drop:

  • To add a file, simply drag and drop it onto the course section where you'd like it to appear
  • To add a folder of files, simply zip the folder then drag and drop it onto the course section where you'd like it to appear, answer 'Unzip files and create folder' to the popup dialogue, then click the upload button

You can view an example of typical edits made to a course below.

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