Moodle FAQs

A collection of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Moodle at EMU.

Where can I find more information on a topic?

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On each page within Moodle, you may see a link  on the bottom center of the page that opens up Moodle Documentation for that page.

You may wish to right-click the link and open it in another tab or window, as the default behavior is to redirect the window or tab you are currently using.

In addition to the "Moodle Docs" there may be a small question mark next to any given text indicating that additional information is available.

Click the question mark and a small pop up window will open with additional information on the specific topic. 

The image below shows the Forum Search function where additional information is available by clicking on the question mark.

Clicking on the help icon displays a small help window with more information.

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