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A collection of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Moodle at EMU.

How do set up self enrollment and self enrollment directly into a group

Self enrollment is not something used for academic courses but there are times you may want to set up a self-enrolled course for orientations and specialized training.

To make a course self enrolled click on "participants" in the left hand menu.

Then click on the gear icon  from the drop down menu choose enrollment methods.

Below the list of current enrollment methods you will see "Add Method" and a drop down box that says choose.  Click on the drop down box and select "Self enrollment"

If you just want to have students enroll without having them placed directly in groups you can click "Add Method, "  If you want to have students to be presorted into groups skip this step and go to the next step.

To Have students self enroll and have them sorted into pre-set up groups: [edit]

(note if you accidentally hit the "Add method button in the last step you can get back to this screen by clicking the Gear icon across from the self enrollment method you just added to the enrollment method list)

Across from "Use group enrollment keys" choose yes from the drop down menu.

In the box across from Enrollment key click where it says "Click to enter text"  The text will be hidden, if you want to verify your key click on the eyeball icon to the right.

Choose a unique word or phrase.  When you are done Click "Add Method" at the bottom of the page (see above)

(note the above key must be set, but will only be used if you want students to enroll without being sorted into a group)

After you have added the method with the group enrollment key enabled and entered a course enrollment key, we will need to set up groups for your students and add enrollment keys for each group.

We will go back to the participants page by clicking "participants" link in the right menu

Click the gear icon in the top right corner. and select groups.

If you already have groups created skip to below to the "Edit Group Settings" section.

Click "Create Group"

Give your group a name and click "Save Changes"

Edit Group Settings

Select your group from the list and click "Edit Group Settings"

Enter an enrollment key in the "click to enter text" area.  remember you can use the eye icon to toggle between hiding and showing your key so you can verify the key was typed correct.

Your enrollment key must be unique for each group and it needs to be unique from the enrollment key you set up with your enrollment method as shown above. ie Fall17, Spring18, Summer18, and NoGroup.

When you are satisfied with your key click "Save Changes"

When you want a student or group of students to self enroll, you will give them the key associated for the group you would like them in.  When they complete the self-enrollment process they will automatically be in that group.

When you students to enroll they will send them a link to the course main page.  Have them click the gear icon  and select "enroll me in this course"  They will be prompted for the enrollment key before they can complete enrollment.

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