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Making a Forum Gradeable

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You will need to be in the Forum settings, if you are already there from the previous topic skip to the next step.  If you need to get to the settings, Turn on editing for the course then click the "Gear Icon" next to the forum and select "Edit Settings"

Click the Arrow next to "Ratings" to expand that section

First you will need to choose a Aggregate Type:  This is how your grades are computed.  For more information on aggregate types see the entry on gradebook.  For the purposes of this topic we will select "Sum of Ratings."  

Under Scale Change the Type to "Point" if you are giving the forum a point type grade or "Scale" if grading as a pass/fail.

If "Pass/Fail" Select "Pass Fail" in the scale window.

If Grading the forum with a point total give the Maximum Grade total, ie 15 points

When you are done click either "Save and return to course" or "Save and display"

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