2. Item edit tools

With "Editing mode" turned on, you will see a number of available actions next to or near an item or topic.

These three dots next to an item opens a dropdown of selectable actions such as Edit settings, Move, Hide, Duplicate, Assign roles, and Delete.

- The settings icon opens up the settings page of an item where you can edit the attributes of an item such as the name, dates of availability, and point value.

- The pencil icon allows the user to change the name of an item without going into the settings page. Type the new name in the field and press enter to apply or escape/click away to cancel.

- The move icon allows the user to change where an item is located in a course.

or - The eye icon allows an editor to toggle hide or show on an item. If an item is hidden, students will be unable to see it in their view. Note: Other teachers, non-editing teachers, and non-grading teachers can still see these items when they are hidden.

 - The duplicate icon duplicates an item on the course page.

- The assign roles icon allows the user to assign roles locally to an item. For example: a student could be granted the role of Teacher for a specific assignment.

- The trashcan icon allows the user to delete an item.