2. Adding participants to courses

All participants must be registered for academic courses through the Registrar before gaining access to the course in Moodle. Please note the following processes for certain circumstances

Adding students to academic courses

If you would like a participant added to your course who is not on the class list OR you would like to change a current participant's role in your course, please contact the Registrar at registrar@emu.edu. If a student does not show up in the course within a few days of registration, please submit a ticket to the Helpdesk by emailing helpdesk@emu.edu or by submitting a ticket here. Please provide the course code and the student's name with your request.

Adding teachers and TAs to academic courses

Additional registration and role changes must be granted through the Registrar. Please contact them with your request by emailing registrar@emu.edu.

Adding students to department or other non-academic courses

You can now request that students be added to department courses automatically based on certain criteria. For example: "All students majoring in Computer Science need to be in my department or non-academic course." To do this, your course needs a course code. Please email the Registrar at registrar@emu.edu to have them set up a new shell course in J1 following the appropriate enrollment criteria. The Helpdesk will assist you in moving the content over from the previous course to the new one. If the participation in your course does not follow a specific pattern, contact the Helpdesk for more solutions.

Adding teachers to past academic courses

Instructors may be added to courses from previous semesters for reference as long as the instructor from the previous course has given permission to do so. If you would like to request access to a previous course, please send an email to the helpdesk at helpdesk@emu.edu and copy the previous instructor after gaining their permission.