Introducing Panopto for video storage and capture

Introducing Panopto for video storage and capture

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The Panopto Video Platform[1] is now available for EMU faculty, staff and students. If you use video in your Moodle courses please review our introduction to Panopto[2] and keep reading.

For several years we have used a service called Mediacore to store videos presented in Moodle courses. Mediacore has announced that they are ending their service on 31 August 2016. Panopto integrates with Moodle like Mediacore--and provides exciting new lecture capture and video editing features.

Panopto has said they will import videos from Mediacore but cannot tell us when this will happen. Since we don’t like uncertainty we’ve written a do-it-yourself migration guide[3].

If you’re not sure whether you have video that needs to be imported into Panopto, or if you’d like to know more about EMU’s use of Panopto, or if you have other questions or comments please contact the Helpdesk: or 540.432.4357 (x4357 on the Harrisonburg campus).


[1] Panopto Video Platform:

[2] Introduction to Panopto:

[3] Migration guide:

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