Moodle tips and announcements for the Spring semester

Moodle tips and announcements for the Spring semester

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Happy New Year! Below are some tips for semester start-up as you get ready for the start of classes. Please make sure that if you have content posted that you have made the course visible to students (see below).

If anyone is new to Moodle and needs Moodle training as they begin teaching, please e-mail and we can schedule a meeting so that this can happen.

Another opportunity for those looking for Moodle training is a Moodle MOOC that is offered by Moodle HQ. You can register for this here: It starts Jan. 17th.  


Moodle tips:

  • If you want to make your course visible to your students, you can do so by going under your course's Administration block->Edit settings->General->Visible->set this to 'Show'. You will need to do this to each of your courses so that students can see them. Courses are grayed out and at the bottom of your list until you do this.
  • If you need to change the maximum upload size for files uploaded to your course, you will want to go to the same Administration block for your course->Edit settings->Files and uploads->then you can change 'Maximum upload size' to the size you need. The default setting of 5 MB may prevent students from uploading PowerPoint files. We suggest 20 MB for most courses.
  • If you intend to post grades to Moodle, you will want to show the Gradebook to students when you are ready for them to see these. This is under the Administration block->Edit settings->Appearance->Show gradebook to students->set this to 'Yes'.
  • If you want to import content from a previous course to a new course, here is a link to the instructions for how to do this:
  • If you want to combine two sections of your class into just one Moodle course, here is a link to the instructions for how to do this: Once you have merged the enrollment to the course you want to use, you do not have to use the other course at all. We would suggest keeping that course hidden to students.
  • We have changed the Gradebook default aggregation to ‘natural’. ‘Natural’ replaced ‘sum of grades’ and also allows you to scale by weight. This will only apply if you are using a blank course or if you create additional categories with an imported course. If you have questions about setting up your Gradebook, let us know.
  • Student access to courses is suspended four weeks after the course end-date. If you need to see students in the Gradebook after this, then you can go to the Administration block->Grades->Setup->Preferences: Grader report->General->Show only active enrollments ->set this to ‘No’ if it is set to ‘Yes’. This setting will be used across all of your Moodle courses.

Please as always be in touch by emailing if you have any questions regarding using Moodle. Best wishes as you begin the new semester!